My new memoir

It is my greatest pleasure to introduce you to a new book, Moving beyond the unspoken grief – a doctor’s memoir of her own IVF journey as a patient.

This memoir is written by myself and it is a collection of my memory since 2011.  It describes our struggle with fertility and my journey with fertility treatments.  I have used a pen name, Dr Sarah Lnyy, in order to protect the privacy of my family and my patients.

Books are available at Total Bliss reception for $30 and you will receive a complimentary lolly bag, magnet and INIKA organics lip balm.  Alternatively, you can order it through Amazon Website. 

For more information, please visit the following social media:

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Never Stop Learning

I do apologise as it has been several months since my last post.  I do have some valid reasons for not posting as frequently as I would like.

Firstly, I am currently 23 weeks (almost six months) into my second pregnancy.  If you see a pregnant lady waddling in and out of the clinic pushing a trolley, that will be me!  I have had really bad morning, actually ALL DAY, sickness and only survived on mylanta, gaviscon, dry biscuits and water.  Thank goodness it lasted only 3 months.  We are happy to announce that bub #2 will be due in mid November this year.  Yes, this is also an IVF baby and we were lucky to be successful first time around this time.

I have recently completed the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in June.  This will be super handy in offering ongoing in-house training for staff members.  I ran a small workshop on ABCs in cosmetic medicine within a beauty clinic setting.  It was quite a success.  Hopefully, we will be able to branch out and offer workshops for other students and beauty therapists in the near future.

I spent two weeks in July under the guidance of the Internationally renown Oncology Aesthetician, Morag Currin, of whom, is based in Canada.  Morag is the founder of OTI Oncology Training International.  I am humbled to be able to learn so much from this wonderful and talented woman.  She is a highly skilled and passionate educator.  This online training has opened my eyes to providing services for those who have been touched by cancer.  Unfortunately, “cancer” is still a bit of a taboo in our society.  The goal is not to market Oncology Aesthetics, but to provide support and understanding to those affected by cancer.  There are treatments and services that are available and those that should be avoided when a client is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  Despite having a medical background, I was blown away by how much I have learnt.  I will definitely share this wonderful experience and knowledge with my staff and clients.  I am now on their Medical Advisory Board

For more information about OTI, please visit:









Lastly, I would like to promote a book Moving Beyond The Unspoken Grief – a doctor’s memoir on her own IVF journey as a patient, written by Dr Sarah Lnyy.  This book is going to be launched in early September, in time for the National Womens’ Health Week 5-9 September 2016.  This book was mentioned in Women’s Weekly recently:

For more information, please visit, LIKE and support the Facebook page:

Or add Dr Sarah Lnyy as a friend:

Couple holding a pair of kid's shoe

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Where did the time go?

Well.  Christmas has come and gone.  We are already a quarter of our way through the year.  People say time flies when you are the happiest.  I think time really flies when you have a toddler!  

Josie is now 16 months-old.  Yes, her first single syllable word was… wait for it… …”Da”, as in “Dad”, followed by “Mum” or “MOM! MOM! MOM!” – in panic mode when she is in trouble, getting her arms or legs stuck in tiny jars or any small confined space that she can find within the house.  Just two weeks ago, her first two syllables word was, “Bubb- Ball”, as in Bubble.  She is fascinated by bubbles, balls and balloons at the moment.   I mean, who isn’t?  The perfectly shaped round bubbles, with a multitude of colour under the light, slowly raising in the air.  Before you know it, it pops right in your face, just as you have your mouth wide open in awe of its beauty.  Then, it’s gone.  Even though it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, I bet you would blow the bubbles over and over again, until such time when your toddler tips the rest of the bottle down the floor.  She tries in vain to savage any bubbles left on the floor with her bubble wand before all the bubbles are evaporated by the sun.

I have just described my daughter first series of emotions from excitement, enjoyment, shock, disappointment to a sense of longing.    Don’t worry, she hasn’t left traumatised, a bit of distraction still works for her at this age.  If there is anything that I would like to pass onto and teach my daughter, it will be gaining resilience, finding peace and happiness.  Life is short and before we know it, all the things we have right now, may just disappear, and pop like a bubble.  Cherish = Cheer for the present and best Wishes for the future.

Cherish like there is no tomorrow.



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We have been featured in the Alsco’s Greenroom Spotlight. Come and check us out.


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Being a mum

Motherhood has its ups and downs.  It is definitely more than I have imagined.  The never-ending feeds, nappy changing and sleep deprivation.  It is exhausting.  After battling several weeks of baby blues, with lots of family support, the fog is finally lifting.  I am pleased to say that I am now enjoying motherhood.  I love Baby Josie.  There is an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness every time I see her face.

Josie is almost six months of age and I am starting to get a hang of balancing work and family life.  Thank goodness I have found a trusting nanny and with the help of my mum.  Mum is the word!  I am returning to work but only one half day weekly to fortnightly.  Depending on how much sleep I have or lack, more sessions will be based around this little person for now.  We have waited seven years for this miracle.  I think we can justify spending as much time as I want with baby Josie.

Ever since becoming a mother, I understand and appreciate my own mother, Stella, a lot more.  I never understood why she cried so easily.  She snores readily and can fall asleep on any sitting surface.  She drools in deep sleep and complains how chubby her tummy looks.  After delivering a 4-kg baby, I am following my mother’s footsteps.

I drool.  I snore.  I have learnt to fall asleep within a heartbeat.  My tummy is no longer flat and toned, it is decorated with pink stretchy marks and bloated all the time.  I cry at commercials, photos and even a distant memory.  I have become my mum.  I am a new mum.  I feel completely vulnerable.

Perhaps it is vulnerability which makes us human;  to truly feel and have absolutely no control of everyday life.  Strange to me, as a doctor.  Life, is currently out of control.  I kind of like it.

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On leave


To my loyal clients,

It is with great pleasure to introduce Dr Lee Siow to Total Bliss Beauty Therapy.  She will be commencing on 16th September 2014 Tuesday.  As I will be on maternity leave from mid October, Dr Lee will be covering my sessions on Tuesdays.  Dr Lee Siow works with Antiaging Canterbury and has her own GP clinic in Rowville.  She also works in several beauty salons across town.

Here is her profile from Antiaging, Canterbury.

I am due in early November and hopefully, I will be back sooner or later, even for just a couple of hours on a weekday.  Please call the clinic on (03) 9432 9177 for more updates.

We are very excited as this Human Love Project has taken seven years in making.   We look forward to posting photos once the bubby has finally arrived.

Please take care and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards,

Dr Louisa

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New treatment for Rosacea sufferers

Rosacea is a chronic skin inflammatory condition which affects many people with various degree of severity.  Most people affected by this condition report of having facial flushing, extreme heat and redness.  The symptoms are usually worst in summer, post exercise and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Current treatments include conservative management such as avoiding trigger factors, applying cool packs, topical gels and creams.  In other parts of the World, a trend is moving towards the off-label use of botulinium toxin for the treatment of Rosacea.

Botulinium toxin is currently not registered by TGA Australia to be used for the management of Rosacea.  However, it is registered to be used for treating frown lines; excessive sweating; migraines; cerebral palsy muscular contractures and many other conditions.

Through my observations with treating cosmetic clients, it was interesting to find that the areas treated with botulinium toxin were free from any signs of inflammation.  Please refer to the case study below.  This client presents with troubling Rosacea for many years.  Her main symptoms were persistent facial flushing and heat; worst in hot climate and post exercise.

IMG_0007 Photo A: Taken on 26th November 2013.  Outside temperature was 21 deg C.  Client has reported of intense heat and flushing.


Photo B: Taken Ten minutes after treatment.  Please note the slight reduction of redness.


Photo C: Taken on 10th December 2013.  Outside temperature is 29 Deg C.  Client was very impressed with the results as there was a significant reduction in facial flushing and heat.


Photo D: Taken on 16th January 2014.  Outside temperature 39 deg C!

Quite remarkable that her facial flushing and heat has such a dramatic improvement, despite walking in hot weather.  She was extremely pleased with the results.

Putting the first and most recent photos together:


Permission has been given by this client to use these photos. 

Images were blurred in order to protect the identity of the client.



If you are suffering from resistant Rosacea, this may be an alternative option. 

For more information, please contact via email or call to make an appointment with Dr Louisa on 03 9432 9177.

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Mobile Me is Here

If you are using your mobile or tablet viewing this website, you can now view it on the NEW Mobile Website.

Please Click the link here:

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IVF Aesthetics & Wellbeing

IVF Aesthetics & Wellness



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Want skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, reduction of scar and pore size?

We have finally got the solution for you!

Introducing Fractional Radio-frequency, our new machine will be your best friend.

Image 6

This technology is different to all its predecessors with excellent effectiveness, more client comfort and better clinical results.  This is ideal for:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin tightening
  • Improves skin laxity
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Pores reduction
  • Acne and surgical scar reduction

Image 1

*Pictures are provided by GSD Global Skin Dermatologist company

Fractional Radio-frequency (RF) delivers bi-polar heat energy (up to 45 Deg C) to the skin by a tip built of an array of small pins and return electrodes to create microscopic thermal zones (MTZ).  It delivers fractional thermal into the deep dermis and create potential healing effects in the MTZ.  Undamaged tissue between the electrode pins act as a healing server to accelerate the collagen rebuilding and skin tissue remodelling.

Image 3

Unlike the traditional laser therapy, the majority of the fractional RF energy is focused in the dermis whilst only a small percentage of the surface is effected, resulting in deep volumetric dermal heating and ultimate result.  On the contrary, laser stays large volume on the surface, while only a small amount of energy penetrates deep into the dermis.

Image 4

For your safety and comfort, the tips of the hand piece are disposable.  The tips are suitable for both face and body treatments.  Disposable tip for individual clients to avoid cross contamination and infection.

Image 5


Recovery time is usually 1-3 days and during this time, mineral makeup provides excellent coverage for redness.  Comfort level is excellent and the addition of numbing cream can be applied to the treatment area 10 minutes prior to treatment.

Major advantages:

  1. Minimal downtime.
  2. Detail treatment record can be set up with the machine.
  3. No limitation on skin type as pigmentation after treatment is lower compared to single-waved laser or traditional radio-frequency treatments.
  4. Affordable packages available.
  5. Minimal side effects.
  6. Mineral makeup can be applied immediately to avoid interruptions on daily social life.
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