Where did the time go?

Well.  Christmas has come and gone.  We are already a quarter of our way through the year.  People say time flies when you are the happiest.  I think time really flies when you have a toddler!  

Josie is now 16 months-old.  Yes, her first single syllable word was… wait for it… …”Da”, as in “Dad”, followed by “Mum” or “MOM! MOM! MOM!” – in panic mode when she is in trouble, getting her arms or legs stuck in tiny jars or any small confined space that she can find within the house.  Just two weeks ago, her first two syllables word was, “Bubb- Ball”, as in Bubble.  She is fascinated by bubbles, balls and balloons at the moment.   I mean, who isn’t?  The perfectly shaped round bubbles, with a multitude of colour under the light, slowly raising in the air.  Before you know it, it pops right in your face, just as you have your mouth wide open in awe of its beauty.  Then, it’s gone.  Even though it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, I bet you would blow the bubbles over and over again, until such time when your toddler tips the rest of the bottle down the floor.  She tries in vain to savage any bubbles left on the floor with her bubble wand before all the bubbles are evaporated by the sun.

I have just described my daughter first series of emotions from excitement, enjoyment, shock, disappointment to a sense of longing.    Don’t worry, she hasn’t left traumatised, a bit of distraction still works for her at this age.  If there is anything that I would like to pass onto and teach my daughter, it will be gaining resilience, finding peace and happiness.  Life is short and before we know it, all the things we have right now, may just disappear, and pop like a bubble.  Cherish = Cheer for the present and best Wishes for the future.

Cherish like there is no tomorrow.



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