Collagen Induction Home Care Plan

 What to expect:
1.            Swelling and Redness
2.            Itchiness
3.            Minimal bleeding – this is ideal to achieve best collagen induction.  Bleeding or bruising is very minimal and it can easily be covered with concealer and make up.
These will generally improve 1-3 days.
We are not responsible for making you glow radiantly or looking gorgeously after the treatment.  This is entirely based on your skin√ïs natural healing process and your ongoing skin care routine.
If you have any questions after the treatment, please email Dr Louisa: or phone 9432 9177 (Total Bliss Greensborough)
1. You may want to apply cool compress to the treated area for 10-15 minutes every hour for the first 2 hours.
2. Drink plenty of water.
3. Eat lots of skin foods (Super duper anti-oxidants!!)
4. Apply make up in the unlikely event of bruising.  Pat or dry the area gently.
5. Don’t forget your Sunscreen at least SPF 15+daily.
6. Don’t forget to use epidermal growth factors or vitamin C serum at night to speed up healing process.
1.            Do not perform strenuous exercises (eg bike, gym, swim) within 24 hours of treatment.  You want to cool your face down.  No swimming for five days.
2.            Use any vitamin A or acid-based products on skin for 3 days.