Fractional Radio-frequency Treatment Care Plan

Post Fractional Radio-frequency Treatment care plan

What to expect:

  1. Swelling and redness will settle within half an hour after application of soothing lotion or gel (aloe vera gel or Soov or Solosite gel)
  2. Itchiness can occur especially the first 24 hours.  Please do not scratch.
  3. Retreatment will be required usually every 2 weeks for Clinical spot treatment.   Every 4 weeks for Fractional Radio-frequency skin rejuvenation.  Using Dermapen collagen induction therapy after a series of three radiofrequency offers better results.  Allow 2 weeks before any cosmetic injections.
  4. Allow 1-3 days down time.  Cover up with mineral makeup
  5. Spot treatment only: scabbing occurs within 1-2 weeks.  Do not remove scab prematurely as it will scar.


  1. Keep the area dry for 24 hours.  Normal gentle face washing is fine.  Pat dry as soon as possible.
  2. Apply soothing gel immediately after treatment.
  3. For best results, use Osmosis Stem Factor with epithelial growth factors.  This promotes healing and also collagen induction.
  4. Use mineral makeup (INIKA or OSMOSIS MD) only for cover up as minerals are inert and therefore prevent bacterial infection.  Wash your brushes weekly or wipe with alcohol wipes daily after use.
  5. Use SPF 15 or greater sunscreen (OCosmedics Tinted SPF day moisturizer with Resveratrol or Osmosis Shade Sun protection) on all exposed treatment areas.  Wear protective clothing.
  6. Eat plenty of skin foods and skin supplements, especially Ultra Renew (D’Jeunesse) antioxidant with Resveratrol.

Please remember:

  1. Do not swim for one week in pools or ocean to avoid skin infection.
  2. Discontinue sun tan products or use of sun tanning beds for 4 weeks before, throughout and after.
  3. Discontinue exfoliating creams Retin A for one week before and after treatment.
  4. Advise your doctor or beauty consultant of any new medication.

If you are not sure of anything, please call us on 03 9432 9177 and speak to one of our radio-frequency consultants.  Alternatively, please email us on


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