Treatment For Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin inflammatory condition which affects many people with various degree of severity.  Most people affected by this condition report of having facial flushing, extreme heat and redness.  The symptoms are usually worst in summer, post exercise and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Current treatments include conservative management such as avoiding trigger factors, applying cool packs, topical gels and creams.  In other parts of the World, a trend is moving towards the off-label use of botulinium toxin for the treatment of Rosacea.

Botulinium toxin is currently not registered by TGA Australia to be used for the management of Rosacea.  However, it is registered to be used for treating frown lines; excessive sweating; migraines; cerebral palsy muscular contractures and many other conditions.

Through my observations with treating cosmetic clients, it was interesting to find that the areas treated with botulinium toxin were free from any signs of inflammation.  Please refer to the case study below.  This client presents with troubling Rosacea for many years.  Her main symptoms were persistent facial flushing and heat; worst in hot climate and post exercise.


Photo A: Taken on 26th November 2013.  Outside temperature was 21 deg C.  Client has reported of intense heat and flushing.


Photo B: Taken Ten minutes after treatment.  Please note the slight reduction of redness.


Photo C: Taken on 10th December 2013.  Outside temperature is 29 Deg C.  Client was very impressed with the results as there was a significant reduction in facial flushing and heat.


Photo D: Taken on 16th January 2014.  Outside temperature 39 deg C!

Quite remarkable that her facial flushing and heat has such a dramatic improvement, despite walking in hot weather.  She was extremely pleased with the results.

Putting the first and most recent photos together:


Permission has been given by this client to use these photos. 

Images were blurred in order to protect the identity of the client.



If you are suffering from resistant Rosacea, this may be an alternative option.

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